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Pure Natural Honey!

Johnston Honey is a small, family run business started in Rochester, Minnesota in 1997. Don Johnston, his wife Sharon, and their children, Jessica, Julianna and James, started to keep a few bees to enhance pollination of an unusually large perennial garden and hobby fruit farm located on their property. Unfortunately, winters can be exceptionally harsh here in Minnesota, causing beekeepers to lose up to 90% of their colonies some winters. With that in mind, Don decided to increase the number of hives - just in case! As he continued to increase his number of hives each year, he also expanded the business, beyond producing high quality honey products, to include wonderful soaps, lotions and pure beeswax candles.

After nearly 20 years, it was time for Don and Sharon to circle back to their roots in Canada, where their next endeavor has already begun to grow! Johnston Vineyard is located near Nova Scotia, Canada and will produce its second harvest this year!

As the Johnston family proceeds to their next endeavor, I am honored to be continuing their legacy in Southern Minnesota. After years of assisting with the honey harvesting, I look forward to learning all aspects of Johnston Honey and continuing their tradition of quality honey and honey products from a family-run, small business.  2016 was a great first year and hope 2017 goes as well or better. My family and I thank you for your continued support of Johnston Honey!

Thomas, Sarah and Heidi Owens