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Being a bee keeper never has a slow point.  You are always planning, looking for new hive locations, wondering how your bees are wintering.  And in the case of Johnston Honey wondering if we had a big enough season to keep up with the ever increasing sales of our gourmet honey.  Well the event that really seems to kick off the year is installing the new bee packages.  This year that happened on Easter weekend and between the live hives and the new packages we are running 81 colonies at 7 different locations.  I feel very good about the locations to give the bees the best chance at a productive 2017 season.  What makes it even more special is the land owner’s excitement at hosting my hives on their land! Now we need Minnesota to warm up to let the bees do what they are meant to do!  Hoping for a great 2017 season , Thomas, Heidi and Sarah Owens.

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