Helping Hand Cream — Contractors Formula

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Ideal for Dry Sensitive Skin

Johnston Honey Helping Hand Cream is ideal treatment for dry sensitive skin. Apply Johnston Honey’s Helping Hand Cream and then run water over your skin. Water droplets form on the skin just like a newly polished car. Helping Hand Cream was designed to be truly hypoallergenic and can be used by nearly everyone. The Johnston children recommend Helping Hand Cream for use on children’s skin!

Practical Uses

  • Moisturize dry hands, feet and body (especially in wind and cold)
  • Protect minor cuts, scrapes, skin ulcers and burns (especially sunburn)
  • Lessen skin wrinkles, fine lines and finger splitting
  • Soothe skin irritated by chlorinated pools and hot tubs
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This rich and quick drying formulation of Johnston Honey’s Helping Hand Cream contains our highest concentration of pure Minnesota beeswax. It was designed for folks whose hands see a hard day’s work. It is intended to be a natural treatment for extra dry skin and other difficult to control skin conditions. Contractor’s Formula is the Johnston Honey’s family’s favorite skin care product!

Johnston Honey’s Helping Hand Cream is made using beeswax from the perennial gardens of Jessica, Julianna and James Johnston. Each fall, after the honey is extracted, the children collect the beeswax to make the hand cream.

This light, soothing cream is free of perfumes, dyes and other irritants commonly found in commercial hand creams. The result: an all-natural beeswax formula that works wonders with dry sensitive skin.

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